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Possible Zoey 101 Reboot

For several years, there has been talk of rebooting Zoey 101, but after the recent cast reunion, the rumors are rising. It has been reported that Jamie Lynn Spears, the main character of the show, is in the process of working with Nickelodeon to bring Zoey 101 back to television, but nothing has been deemed official.

According to a source from TMZ, the reboot of the show would be around 10 years later, showing Zoey trying to be a good mother. On the other hand, some fans believe that the show will continue from the short video that Dan Schneider posted, showing that Zoey had a time capsule in season 2 of the show. Since the show has not been confirmed, there is not any information about a release date, but fans are hoping for mid to late 2020.

Towards the end of July, the cast of Zoey 101 was seen in North Hollywood enjoying dinner at The Front Yard. Victoria Justice, Chris Massey, Sean Flynn and Matt Underwood were some of the well known faces at the reunion, along with the series creator, Dan Schneider. Jamie Lynn was unable to attend the reunion, but shared pictures on her social media stating that she missed them and is looking forward to seeing them soon. Schneider mentioned that the buzz about a Zoey 101 reboot encouraged him to reach out to Sean Flynn (who played Chase on the show), and somehow a cast reunion was planned just days after their conversation.

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