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Sanaa Lathan Returns To 'The Affair' For Its Final Season

Over a year ago, actress Sanaa Lathan made her debut on the hit show The Affair. Lathan was brought on during the fourth season to play a principal by the name of Janelle Wilson. Her character was considered to be this tough woman who was fighting for the betterment of education. As the season progressed, Jenelle became the love interest of Noah Sollaway, the main character. This relationship is said to continue in season five too.

Lathan’s new role came after the shock of Alison’s death in the previous season. It was reported that Alison, who was played by Ruth Wilson, was killed off by request of the actress. Nonetheless, the writers took the twist and developed a new relationship.

The season is scheduled to follow the last episode of season four exactly. Noah will still be in Los Angeles. However, it seems that any characters related to Alison won’t be returning to the show. Before, we’ve seen time jumps in the show, but it has been reported that everything will take place in present day.

The premiere of season five was aired on August 25th. To watch new episodes, tune in to Showtime every Sunday at 9 p.m. ET.

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