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Nicki Minaj Joins Joe Budden's Podcast

Recently on August 14, 2019, Nicki Minaj joins Joe Budden on his podcast and fans are not feeling it. It appears that whatever Nicki had during her Queen Radio episode that saw her barking on Budden was still present as she joined the pod to let off more steam and fans weren’t with it. On Budden’s podcast, Minaj let Budden know that she believes that he was unable to handle women who have powerful voices and that he has an inability to admit when he’s wrong. Longtime fans of the show know that Budden often contradicts himself with minutes of an utterance and many of his opinions are off. Minaj kept the spotlight aimed at Budden before jetting off and fans couldn’t have been happier once she left.

Nicki and Joe had an argument over some of the past comments that the latter has made about the female rapper, in the ‘Motorsport’ situation with Cardi B and the recent ‘Hot Girl Summer’ rollout. Budden has claimed during a recent episode of his podcast that the campaign for Nicki’s collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion, Hot Girl Summer was pre-planned and not spontaneous as the two females claimed. Nicki cut Joe’s mic off once she proved to him that he wasn’t being honest owning up to his comments. Following that as promised, Nicki Minaj made her visit to The Joe Budden’s Podcast to set some things straight as a queen would.

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