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T.I vs Candace Owens at Revolt Summer in Atlanta

Candace Owens has received a lot of criticism for her support and activism of President Donald Trump and crude remarks against the Black Lives Matter movement. During a summit hosted by P. Diddy’s REVOLT TV brand in Atlanta, Candace and T.I, a famous rapper from Atlanta, had a heated conversation during a panel about Hip Hop and Politics. During the panel, the topic of President Trump’s slogan, Make America Great Again, came up, and the panel members were discussing whether or not it can be viewed as racist against African Americans. T.I asked Owens about which time period the President was referring to when he says great, hinting that he is probably referring to times when there were not equal rights for women or people of color. In Trunp’s defense, Owens stated that the President is referring to the time of President Roland Reagan, and eventually brought up the topic of slavery and how America was one of the first to free their slaves. T.I and many members in the crowd did not want to hear it, with T.I eventually showing his irritation and saying that what she was saying was “bullsh**.” Here's a quick clip from the D.L. Hughley show.

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