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Ariana Grande’s Twin?

As Rihanna said with her hit single “ B&%$# Better Have My Money,” looks like Ariana Grande is singing the same the same phrase and directing it towards Forever 21.

Pop star Ariana Grande filed a 10 million dollar lawsuit against the clothing store. Why? Apparently, Grande turned down an endorsement deal with Forever 21 and the clothing store then used a look-a-like in their advertisements. The look-a-like was dressed in purple camo pants, white socks, and fluffy, pink pom poms in her hair, similar to Grande’s 7 Rings video.

The court date was originally September 25th, but both Grande and Forever 21 agreed to postpone it until November 8th. They both decided it to settle out of court.

I’m am a shopper at Forever 21, and when I heard the news it shocked me. I love both Ariana Grande and Forever 21. Forever 21 has

great and affordable clothes, and Ariana Grande makes great songs. I hope they both settle this for good.

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