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Coachella part two on ABC? We all know that we changed Coachella has been changed to “ Beychella” after that epic performance that focused on the HBCU school experience in 2018. It looks like ABC changed an hour of television to ABeyC on Monday, September 16th. Beyonce' continues to shape people’s lives and change the face of television.

Beyoncé’s special, “ Making the Gift,” shows the creation of every song in the Lion King remake. The album, which she calls a love letter to Africa, also features Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino, and Jay-Z. Recorded in Africa, Beyonce sings “Can You Feel the Love Tonight,” as Nala, the female co star of the movie.

The special also features Beyonce’s family and their intimate lives. Beyonce' felt connected to Africa and wanted to give her children a piece of their heritage. With the children, alongside her, Beyonce' could teach them about African culture as well as allow them to witness the making of the album. “Knowing where you come from. That's what I want for my children,” Knowles-Carter says.

This special was very heart-warming to me. I am already a huge Beyonce' fan, but to actually see her behind the scenes with her family producing music was very cool. If you haven’t seen this special, I highly recommend you watch it.

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