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Big Sean Gifts Boys and Girls Club with a $100 Recording Studio

Big Sean found a major way to give back to his community in his hometown of Detroit.

At the rapper’s second annual convention, Detroit’s On Now, he hosted a two-day weekend experience with hundreds of children at the Dick and Sandy Dauch Boys and Girls Club, reported “The Detroit News”. On Sunday August 18, he joined fans for bowling at the Garden Bowl.

While at the bowling rink, he revealed the Sean Anderson Foundation Content and Production studio that was funded by a $100,000 grant from the Sean Anderson Foundation.

Fans present at the reveal were ecstatic as Sean recorded their performances while they sang covers of his songs, their own original songs, and filmed music videos. The purpose of the recording studio is to expose the youth and community to different careers in the entertainment industry and be an outlet of expression for those that consider themselves creatives.

“The recording studio is so important because Detroit is such a musical city, soulful city, and there are so many kids that have the talent but just don’t have the resources to record,” said the rapper. “While performing, there was someone recording the lights, and engineering the music...I feel like it’s the most bossed up thing I could do. I hope I can build 10 more.”

The Dick and Sandy Dauch Boys and Girls Club works to keep children off the streets and in positive and stable environments. For the past four years, they have partnered with Big Sean and the Sean Anderson Foundation to implement educational classes for the youth and adults in order to increase the 37.5% graduation rate and, overall, provide the resources needed to shape the future leaders of tomorrow.

With the donation of the studio, it is another way to keep the youth within a safe and prosperous environment rather than fighting for their lives on the streets. Big Sean’s mother, Myra Anderson, explained how the foundation wanted to provide more to the youth than a typical concert but an experience that would be cherished for a lifetime.

“I wanted it to have meaning”, stated Anderson. “I want people to go away with something that’s more lasting in their lives than just having fun for a few days.”

Alongside the recording studio, Detroit On Now was a fun-filled event that included a block party carnival rides, food truck panel, self-care panel, free haircuts and hair braiding, coding, yoga, and so much more.

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