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The Bad Boys Are BACK!

Bad boys, Bad boys what they gone do they come for you?? Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are reuniting for a long-awaited sequel to add to ‘Bad Boys 1 and 2.’ The Bad Boys fan base has been waiting for this day to arrive for a couple years now.

The first ‘Bad Boys’ film directed by Michael Bay opened in theaters in 1995. Bad Boys films 1 and 2 grossed $414.7 million worldwide. Will Smith was only 27 years old, and Martin Lawrence was only 30 years old when the film first aired. Both actors have had several other films since this the last sequel.

Columbia Pictures is releasing the film that reunites the characters Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett, which are played by Lawrence and Smith. The movie is set to air on January 17th, 2020. The new trailer showed the blazing action that we’re used to seeing. The trailer displayed speed, explosions, and drama from the new sequel.

The two the cops are back at it again with their adventures, arrest, and arguments. If you’re a fan of the Bad Boys sequel, then you’re in for a treat! If you’ve never seen a Bad Boys movie, then catch up and get ready for January!

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