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Kanye West holds number one title for Forbes Highest Paid Artists of 2019

Kanye West takes the thrown for being Forbes Highest Paid Artist of 2019.

This comes to no surprise with his massive Yeezy partnership with Adidas that is expected to project $1.5 billion sales this year. According to Billboard, West’s estimated income is $150 million, knocking Jay-Z off his number one spot with $81 million that claimed the second spot.

The Forbes list was revealed Thursday September 19 right after West’s interview with the company.

“There was a beam of light on the idea of me making athletic footwear. A paradigm shift. Like the Yeezy is desired as much as the Jordan.”

Though number one, Kanye is not the only artists that made a high ranking in the list. Mentioned by Forbes, the top five hip hop artists were Jay-Z and his profit of $ 81 million, Drake with a profit of $75 million, Diddy raked $70 million, and Travis Scott with $58 million.

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