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Bryon Cage: Isolation

We declare here and now as children of the lord you are blessed and highly favored! On today’s docket, we have 13 prayer requests if you're new here at The Divah Filez Word of Faith church come on down to the pulpit! Our guest of the hour is Byron Cage! Brother Byron has blessed us this new Christian Gospel Album he so graciously dropped September 27th.

Byron Cage, better known as the “Prince of Praise” is a Godly man. He found himself in the house of the lord at a young age and has been a leading man in the rise of praise and Gospel music since the 1980’s. Since his debut album in 1995, he has been in the Billboard Gospel top ten continuously! He is a minister of music at the megachurch African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church in Fort Washington, Maryland. Cage is no stranger to megachurches.

“Cage's career as a gospel singer began when he was still in his teens and he held the role of choir director at the Greater Grace Temple in Detroit. He was invited to join the group "Commission," then known as the "Disciples of Christ," but his studies at the University of Oakland stood in the way. After moving to Atlanta, Cage joined the New Birth Cathedral and persuaded Bishop Eddie Long to make changes to the traditional form of service. As well as touring with the late Thomas Whitfield, a gospel star ten years his senior, whom he lists as his musical mentor, Cage spent a decade at the New Birth Cathedral and became musical director. In his time there he gradually transformed the traditional old-style Baptist church into a gospel-oriented, charismatic style. While he acknowledges that the process was difficult and painful for some, in the same period the membership increased from a modest 700 to over 16,000.”

After attending and graduating from Oakland University, he moved to Atlanta and began school at Morehouse while under the tutelage of Bishop Eddie Long at the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church. Now personally (and I know no one asked but) I am seriously no fan of megachurches. The idea of a profitable prayer just doesn't sit right on my heart but nonetheless, he is still a masterful maestro.

The album entitled Isolation was released on September 27th and is comprised of ten tracks with no features. All of which will give you that holy-roller vibe you need! In the eye of music, Byron has that mastered. With six studio albums and numerous accolades, he is known for his melodic praise. On the Malaco records website his thank you’s for the album were very detailed and he made sure not to miss a sole individual. He concluded with this “To every radio announcer, program director, and industry professional, I hope this music will keep you encouraged, and give you the launching pad to minister to your listeners.” And I will leave you Divahs with this piece as well so you can go and discover the album for yourselves because I truly don’t know what to categorize this in. Partly because I feel like it would be a sin and I am inadvertently getting judged if I say that I don’t care for this album but that's my truth and the lord said come as you are... so here I am.

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