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Central Park Five Again?

On September 6th, 2018, Botham Jean was shot dead by Dallas patrol officer Amber Guyger. Guyger enter Botham’s apartment, thinking it was her own, and thought he was a burglar. On October 4th, 2019, Joshua Brown, a witness who testified against Amber Guyger, was murdered. It is the popular belief that the Dallas police department had something to do with the murder. Let’s explore why this theory is popular. First, Brown, who lived next door, testified that he overheard Guyger and Jean talking. Brown claimed that Guyger did not give any commands prior to shooting Jean, Guyger testified that she called out to Jean prior to firing her rifle. Second, after the shooting, Guyger sat in the police car explaining what happened during to a member of the police union. The car’s dashboard camera was turned off. This is why the city of Dallas and the African American residents to not trust police. Third, Brown was going to testify in the upcoming civil trial. He was going to be the defense’s first witness. Fourth, there were suspects arrested in this case. Michael Mitchell and Jacquerious Mitchell, are denying their involvement, but the Dallas police claim they are guilty. How did they find these gentlemen so fast and does it make sense that these gentlemen would drive a rental car 300 miles to murder him?

The police department released this statement: “As you know, there's been speculation and rumors that have been shared by community leaders claiming that Mr. Brown's death was related to the Amber Guyger trial and somehow the Dallas Police Department was responsible,” Moore said. “I assure you that is simply not true, and I encourage those leaders to be mindful of their actions moving forward because their words have jeopardized the integrity of the city of Dallas as well as the Dallas Police Department."

Apparently race relations in the city of Dallas and the police department are not so great (surprised?).

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