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A Star Well Deserved

Media Mogul Tyler Perry was awarded with his star on the Hollywood: Walk of Fame. This was WELL deserved due to Perry being the true definition of rags to riches. This man deserves every blessing God is throwing his way. Kerry Washington. Crystal Fox, and Idris Elba was there to speak on the behalf of Mr. Perry as they've worked with him on one of his projects. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce informed Perry last year.

ABC 7 quoted Perry" This one in particular is for the underdogs, this one in particular is for the ones who want to do it their way. This one in particular is for those who want to bring as many people through the door with them as they can." Perry is an humble individual who still looks out for his people. One who didn't let the fame get to his head and for that I'll forever respect Mr. Tyler Perry.

"For anyone whose dreams may be on life support, I want you to walk past this star in particular and know that I've been there," - Tyler Perry ( he said this at the unveiling of his star)

Here's a few pictures from his star reveal in Los Angeles.

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