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Will Smith Collabs with Andy Mineo & Lecrae track "Coming In Hot" for his first TikTo

Will Smith has been the latest celebrity content creator, racking up 38.2 million followers on Instagram just recently. Popularly creating on all platforms, Smith has finally made an appearance in Tik Tok creator to begin posting with "Coming In Hot" by Andy Mineo and Lecrae which has already reached over 12 million streams on Spotify since its release in July.

The video released on September 13th has nearly 400,000 views! In his first post on Wednesday. Special effects wizard and video content creator, Caleb Natale is seen scrolling through photos of Smith in his phone while Andy Mineo and Lecrae “Coming In Hot,” plays in the background.

The "Coming In Hot" music video is directed by Antonio Santos and features Lecrae and Andy Mineo disguised as police officers speeding through Los Angeles to rescue NBC’s “World of Dance” group Kinjaz. Check out Smith's first appearance on tiktok and Andy Mineo & Lecrae’s track "Coming In Hot” below!

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