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As Beyonce stated, “If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it,” and that is just what Alex Fine did to Cassie Ventura. As you may know Cassie dated Sean Combs, also known as Diddy. Cassie and Diddy dated for 11 years and shared so much history together. We have watched the couple go through a cycle of splitting up and getting back together. Now it’s finally official! They are not getting back together; Cassie has found love elsewhere.

But what happened between Diddy and Cassie? Apparently, police were called after the couple had a screaming match in the car due to Cassie’s decision to break up. The authorities described the argument as

“explosive.” The ironic thing about their break up is that Diddy hired Alex Fine to be her personal trainer.

On a happier note, Cassie’s prince charming, Alex Fine, proposed to Cassie and took it straight to social media exclaiming “I get to marry my best friend in the world. How am I so lucky?” The two tied the knot August 28, 2019 in beautiful Malibu. By the looks of their social media, Cassie and her prince looked like they really enjoyed themselves and are much in love.

Not only did Cassie gain a new husband, but she also gained a bigger belly! Cassie is five to six months pregnant. Even though Cassie began her new chapter in her life, Diddy wishes her nothing but the best.

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