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The Return of the Johnson’s

Reunited at the Family Reunion….Again? After two decades, Cedric

the Entertainer returns as character Nate Johnson, and stars in the sequel of Johnson Family Vacation.

If you missed the first Johnson family vacation, it is definitely a must see! The first version stars Cedric the Entertainer, Bow Wow, Vanessa Williams, Solange, and Steve Harvey. The movie follows Nate Johnson and his family on a road trip to his hometown of Missouri. On this road trip, the family goes through hell and back just to attend their family reunion! You would never think you could experience what this family did.

The sequel, entitled Johnson Family Celebration, will be directed by

Cedric the Entertainer and Eric Rone via A Bird and A Bear Entertainment

Company. Now we are all wondering.... will it be the same cast as before?

In my opinion, the original cast should do the next sequel or it will not be

the same. We will continue to post updates about the movie. Hopefully, the storyline and any upcoming dates will be anounced soon.

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