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A$AP Rocky Continues to Redefine Societal Standards With His Nail Art

Trendsetter, A$AP Rocky, continues to redefine masculinity with his nail art. Fans are constantly given manicure inspiration via Instagram as he continues to show off his edgy nails.

The artist has had emoji nail art, checkered prints, fire symbols, and various other retro designs.

In a recent interview with Vogue, Rocky was questioned about his love for nail art as a man in society.

“I feel like men should be able to do nail art without feeling feminine,” said the rapper.

In this new generation, societal standards toward masculinity and gender norms are being redefined. There are no longer rules subjected to a specific body of people. In this day and age, people are doing whatever makes them feel good.

A$AP Rocky continues to transcend the social constructs placed in society. He is living to one standard only – his own.

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