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Atlanta Democratic Debates at Tyler Perry Studios

Since its grand opening in early October, Tyler Perry Studios has been a hot topic in the news industry. Between its star studded opening night and the commentary about how large the studio is, everyone is trying to figure out how they can step foot in the studio lot. There have been quite a few pictures released of the White House replica that Perry built for his studio and his new show, “The Oval” but I am sure that he was not planning for the next potential President of the United States to debate on his property. It was recently announced that the 330 acre studio lot is going to be the home of the next Democratic Debate where candidates will face each other on pressing issues that the American people want their view and opinion on. The location isn’t the only unique element of the Democratic Debates, the moderating panel is going to be hosted by all women: Ashley Parker, Kristen Welker, Rachel Maddow and Andrea Mitchell.

The Debates will take place on November 20th from 9-11pm ET.

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