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Yung Brezzy Releases Latest Single “Feel Like”

Alabama-native rapper, Yung Brezzy recently released his latest single “Feel Like” on November 8th. The single will appear on his upcoming album, EMOTIONS AND SITUATIONS. The track includes an 808-filled beat, a catchy hook, and raw lyrics; all components to make up a good rap song. Yung Brezzy tells the story of his trials and tribulations in “Feel Like”, staying true to his motto, “you can be anything you want to be with determination, hard work, and commitment, the sky’s the limit.” “Feel Like” is the first single Yung Brezzy has released since his previous 2018 EP, Life Lessons.

Yung Brezzy sought making music after being a victim of a nearly-fatal car accident. Having several bodily injuries, needing a 14-hour reconstruction surgery and three months of physical therapy to be able to walk again, Brezzy used music as his healer. When describing his motive for music, he stated, “I make music for the people and for myself. At the end of the day I want to help people through their situations. I want my music to touch people – to feel it in their soul and mind and understand that everybody goes through things sometimes. You have to go through the rain to get to the sunshine.” Yung Brezzy has yet to release a date for his album release, but you can check out his single for “Feel Like” on all musical streaming platforms. For more information about upcoming music and shows, follow his social media accounts on IG and twitter @iamyungbrezzy.

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