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"The Good Morning Text" by Queen Naija

Think back.

Think back to that one relationship where everything seemed to be perfect. Like a match made in heaven. No matter where you went, it was as if it was only you two in the world. Your special person. They give you butterflies. Everything about them puts a smile on your face. Your heart skips a beat every time your phone buzzes with a notification. Only to see its a message from that special someone. Nothing compares to that feeling. One moment you can’t go a day without talking, the next, suddenly its like you're complete strangers.

In Queen Naija’s new song “The Good Morning Text”, she talks about that same feeling of butterflies and chills you get when receiving that beloved “good morning” text. Then questioning if the love is still there. Queen Sings: Baby, we was so deep in love, what happened to us? Guess all I really wanna know is Do I love you more? Then you love me cause it was way better before I believe we all can relate to a situation such as this in some shape or form, whether its relationships of friendships. Where you were left wondering if the love is still there.

Queen Naija, serves us yet another R&B hit, that is both soulful and relatable. Check out Queen Naija’s new hit single “The Good Morning Text”.

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