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Hulu Has Officially Added More Exclusive Content

The power of TV streaming is become our primary resource for entertainment. Various companies have emerged their assets to tackle this shift in content, and ultimately, create a more convenient source for consumers. Although these mergers may uphold the same concept, the competition for original content is increasing. So far, we have seen the development of Netflix Originals, which has allowed them to stay add free for so long. Subscribers to the YouTube Premium also receive ad-free services through their monthly payment plan.

Recently, FX and Hulu have combined to also become a competitor. The campaign is being titled “FX on Hulu.” Overall, the merger allows for access to current FX series to exclusive original content. In fact, FX Productions plans to produce Mrs. America, A Teacher, The Old Man, and Devs. Each series will air on Hulu by 2020 instead of the linear network on basic cable television.

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