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Should James Dean’s Image Be Used In New Film

For Starters, Who is James Dean?

James Dean was an actor from Indiana who came to fame in the 50’s. He was most known for his role as Jim Stark; a troubled teenager in movie, Rebel Without a Cause. Dean was also nominated for an Oscar after his death for his role in East of Eden. He was seen as a teenage icon of his time. He died in a fatal car crash.

Finding Jack

Director Anton Ernst, is coming out with a new movie called Finding Jack where Dean will play a secondary role of a man named Rogan. The movie is about a soldier who travels to Vietnam and encounters a war dog who saves him.

Many people feel the decision to use Dean’s image in the movie was distasteful. Actor Chris Evans referred to the movie as shameful while others who agree thinks the movie would be bad for future roles.

Director Ernst says that he was saddened to hear about the backlash he was receiving behind his casting decision. Despite the negative feedback, he is in fact still moving forward with the movie. Apparently, Dean’s family members are fine with the film and didn’t see the backlash coming behind it.

The film is set to release on Veteran’s Day of 2020.

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