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The Truth Behind Robyn Crawford and Whitney Houston's relationship

Whitney Houston died in the summer of 2012, but her name has resurfaced in magazines and news shows. Robyn Crawford, one of Whitney’s best friends, recently released a memoir titled, “A Song for You: My Life with Whitney Houston” where she gives details about their special friendship.

Crawford and Houston met in the 80s, and their friendship lasted until the day that Whitney passed away. Due to their deep connection, Crawford has refused to publicly speak about their friendship and Whitney’s life, but now she wants to set the record straight. Many have attempted to tell the story of Whitney’s life and battle with drugs, but none have been able to tell the full story, especially not in a positive light. After the death of Whitney’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina, she knew that she couldn’t sit in silence anymore. Robyn Crawford decided that it was time to clear up the rumors and errors that surrounded her special friend’s legacy.

Houston and Crawford met in 1980, both working at a summer camp. From 1980 until 2012, they became best friends, roommates, and confidants. There was a point in time when Crawford worked for Whitney Houston and helped run Nippy Inc, which was Whitney’s management company, and a time where they were involved romantically. In her book, she gave details about her first kiss and sexual experience together, as well as how easy it was to be vulnerable together. Unfortunately, their close relationship did not last resulting in Houston and Crawford going their separate ways. Whitney kept making music, while Robyn decided to work on a career outside of Whitney, but they never stopped their friendship. Whitney and Robyn kept their past romance a secret for many years, and “A Song for You: My Life with Whitney Houston” is the first time that their relationship has been put out in the open.

When Robyn learned of Whitney’s death, she was heartbroken, because she had no idea that their friendship would be cut so short. “A Song for You: My Life with Whitney Houston” was written so that she could relive her friendship with Whitney, share beautiful details about their special relationship, and clear up the misconceptions about her friend.

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