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Megyn Kelly Is Back To Work

Megyn Kelly hasn’t had a major TV appearance since October of 2018. While on her live NBC news/ talk show, Megyn Kelly Today, she made several comments about why she thought ‘blackface’ and ‘whiteface’ were appropriate in costume settings. As soon as the network learned of her comments, they said that her remarks were not welcomed on NBC’s platform. Later on that day, Megyn Kelly sent an internal email to several people, apologizing for her comments about blackface, but that was not enough. Three days later, NBC announced that the Megyn Kelly Today show will no longer be produced on their network, leaving Kelly (the highest paid journalist at the time) without a job.

Several months later, TMZ reported that Kelly said that she would be back on television soon, but refused to share any more details. On November 8th, Megyn Kelly made her first major appearance in a short interview video on Instagram TV and Youtube, with Ashley Biano. Biano was a former employee of CBS and ABC who had access to a video that contained footage that implicates ABC tried to cover up the story of Jeffrey Epstein over three years ago. Kelly has been known to cover controversial news stories, but this time, it’s on a different platform. Ashley Bianco was recently fired from CBS because they were informed that she leaked the video, but Biano claims that they have the wrong person, she didn’t do it! She admits that she was the one who recorded Amy Robach, a news anchor, reporting on the story of Epstein, but she did not send it to Project Veritas, which is the platform that leaked the clip. A few days later, Project Veritas admitted that it was not Bianco who leaked the video to them, instead it is an anonymous leaker.

Kelly’s interview with Bianco has gotten over 30,000 views and more than 700 comments on her Instagram page. We are not sure how Kelly is planning to move forward in her broadcast journalism career, but this might be a way for her to connect with an audience that she is not acclimated to. To see her interview with Ashley Bianco, check out Megyn Kelly’s instagram: @megynkelly

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