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Saving Our Men!

Kim Kardashian West does it again! We all know Robert Kardashian, Kim’s father, was the defense attorney in the famous O.J simpson trial. Well Kim K is following in his footsteps. Do you know the phrase “ SOS?” We use this phrase when we are in need of desperate help. Rodney Reed used this phrase. Who is Rodney Reed? Rodney Reed was scheduled to be executed November 20th, 2019 and Kim Kardashian helped put an end to that. Reed was convicted of rape and murder of Stacey Sites, a white woman he claims he had a consensual affair with. Evidence showed that Reed was innocent, but he has remained in prison for 20 years on death row.

Now Rodney Reed is still scheduled for execution, but Kim K just helped delay it. Kim Kardashian stated that “ an overwhelming sense of relief and hope filled the room” when Rodney Reed learned his execution had been delayed. Kim K also states “ it was extremely emotional and Rodney Reed let out a ‘Praise Jesus.’” Kim is in the works of becoming a criminal justice lawyer. She is now finishing up her first year of a four-year apprentice with a law firm. She is planning to take the bar exam in 2020. While she studies to become a lawyer, she has helped release 17 black people from prison in the last 3 months. With help from Kim K, hopefully she can stop Rodney Reed from being executed. Let's give thanks to Kim and keep lifting up Rodney Reed.

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