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Show or Jail? Back So Soon: ASAP Rocky Returns To Sweden

As we all know, ASAP Rocky was detained in Sweden back in July of this year. He was arrested on assault charges. A video surfaced of Rocky slamming a man to the ground and later showing him and others hitting the man. Rocky claimed the incident was self defense as there is video footage that shows a man hitting his security guard.

The victim apparently needed hospital treatment. However, Rocky and his crew maintained their innocence claiming they kept telling Jafar to go away and that they were the actual victims. Unlike the US, Sweden has a no bail system so ASAP was suppose to stay detained until his trial. Trump, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, etc all rallied together to free the F*cking Problems rapper. He was convicted and ordered to pay a fine. However, he was able to avoid anymore jail time.

Despite ASAP’s legal trouble, that’s not stopping him from going back. The rapper is set to perform in Sweden again at Ericsson Globe, December 11th. Tickets went on sale November 12th. December will be the first time the rapper has been back to Sweden since his arrest.

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