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New Boo Or Nah?

Are yall just confused as me? I know I am, What is Moneybag Yo doing? What is his relationship status? We all know that Moneybagg Yo was with the Hottie Meg The Stallion, but then they broke up! Meg did a freestyle on social media stating that she was single, and Moneybag Yo said that the whole relationship was a “publicity stunt”, and he had a long time girlfriend. Now who is this long time girlfriend, is it Ari Fletcher?

Rumors have been going around that the two are reportedly messing with each other. Ari Fletcher is a model, and she hosts appearances at clubs. She also has a son with G Herbo, and she dated the boxer Gervonta Davis. Ari Fletcher was seen at Moneybagg Yo concert in South Carolina. Moneybagg Yo also took Ari to a nightclub in Atlanta, Georgia.

So this is the second time the two has been seen together in public. Now the big question is, do yall think this is a publicity stunt?

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