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Forever 21 Is Not So Forever

Sadly, Forever 21 was going bankrupt. As a part of bankruptcy, they will be closing over 100 stores all over the world. Stores like H&M and Zara are offering affordable clothing that mimic that of designer clothes.

They had a huge sale online, starting at $3. Their goal is to slash the prices in order to get everything gone by the end of the year. Customers are encouraged to use their gift cards if stores near them show signs of liquidation.

Over the years, people have become fed up with Forever 21’s clothing. A lot of people only use the store for last minute purchases and quick outfits. The store was more appealing a while back but slowly but surely began to lose it touch. They use quotes and pictures that ultimately messed an otherwise good item up.

The bigger Forever 21 stores are also part of the problem. The store sells the clothes for so cheap that it costs more than it makes.

The good news is that while they are filing bankruptcy, they aren’t closing every store.

Closings set to begin early 2020.

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