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Lira Galore and Pee: Cocaine and Domestic Violence Claims

Lira Galore, a famous social media model with over 4 million followers on Instagram, recently had a beautiful baby girl with Pierre Thomas, better known as Pee. Pee is the CEO of Quality Control, a music label, based in Atlanta, Georgia, that has signed major hip hop names, such as Lil Baby, Lil Yachty, Migos, Stefflon Don and City Girls. The couple has been in and out of the news after the birth of their baby due to rumors about abuse, cocaine use, and Pee not being a good enough father to their daughter Khaleesi.

A few weeks ago, Lira shared that she was in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend Pee, and even experienced abuse while she was carrying their child. She filed an abuse case against P and TMZ was able to see the legal documents that contain graphic descriptions and pictures of domestic violence. Lira claims that Pee attacked her numerous times, but decided to only share five instances of her abuse. Several of the alleged altercations involved him choking and punching her and another included him ripping her ring off of one of her fingers, causing her finger to be dislocated. We are not sure exactly when the couple split, but Lira was not afraid to share with her Instagram followers that she had experienced with Pee. She posted several posts on her instagram story about being cheated on and not being treated like how she wanted to, and her followers realized that she and her boo were probably no longer together. She even shared that she had been “bullied” and disrespected”, and it was very tiring. Pee made a small attempt to make up for his abuse by buying Lira a new car, but he eventually went on to destroy part of the car and take it back into his own possession. After the incident, he gave Lira hush money in exchange for not telling the police about the damage he caused ($50,000 to be exact).

Earlier in 2019, Pee actually filed a custody request for joint custody with Lira, but she immediately rejected that request and filed for sole custody of baby Khaleesi. Due to Pee’s physical and emotional abuse, as well as his impulsive behavior, Lira does not believe that he is capable of raising their daughter alone and does not want him to be her only legal guardian. In her latest court filing, Lira Galore is requesting around $15 million dollars from Galore, and that he goes through a psychological evaluation. In response to the claims against him, Pee has announced on Instagram that Lira was using cocaine while she was pregnant with their baby and was cheating on him with other men.

Pee has continued to deny all abuse allegations, and Lira has not made an official statement about snorting cocaine while pregnant.

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