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J. Brown Releases NEW Single “Moon”

R&B singer, J. Brown recently released his new single, “Moon.” Exuding all of the old-school soulful vibes, “Moon” is a perfect song for a road trip, a date night, or even running errands. The chorus goes “Let me take you to the moon babe, where it’s quiet, make love on the stars.” In addition to the romantic lyrics, the track includes an uppity beat with jazz instruments, making it a perfect rhythmic bop.

The “Sunrise Sunset” singer is known for his mid-tempo 90s-vibe songs and he has not disappointed his listeners yet. With his mother being a former Motown artist, it’s clear to see where his vintage inspiration comes from. When talking about his music, the singer/songwriter says “Good music is about passion. When I write or sing a song, I put my all into it.” “Moon” is available on all streaming platforms, and you can check out J.Brown’s other music on his website at

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