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Super bowl LIV: One of the most controversial Super Bowls in the past decade

After 50 years, Kansas City brings home the Super Bowl after a dramatic fourth quarter comeback. It was their third straight comeback during these playoffs. 24-0 to the Texans in the divisional round and and 17-7 to the Titans in the AFC championship game. Never giving up runs in the Chiefs blood. Patrick Mahomes struggled the first three quarters, something many football lovers were not used to seeing. Up until the fourth quarter, Jimmy G, QB for the San Francisco 49ers had outplayed the 2018 NFL MVP. The 49ers defense were collapsing on Mahomes and caused the young QB to make horrible plays. Many incomplete passes, sacked in the hole and threw BIG TIME interceptions.

Leading up to the Super bowl, many criticized the Chiefs defense and their inability to stop teams. But their defense came through when it mattered the most which was led by Tyrann Mathieu. In the fourth quarter, the 49ers totaled 59 yards; pressuring JImmy G on every snap, tipping multiple passes and sacked him on a fourth and 10 attempt.

Andy Reid is one of the most beloved coaches in the NFL. Many of his former players including Michael Vick wanted him to pull out his first Super bowl as a head coach. Over the course of his 21 years in the NFL, he has won 222 games including the Super Bowl. Prior to the game, he had the highest winning percentage of any coach that had not won a ring. Reid is the sixth on the NFL’s All time wins list. He has 207 regular season wins and now 15 postseason wins. The Chiefs head coach spent his 14 years with the Philadelphia Eagles and the past seven with the Chiefs. HIs teams have done fairly well. They have reached the playoffs 15 times, 10 division titles and reached a conference championship seven times and the Super Bowl twice including Sunday’s game. The Philadelphia Eagles even posted a celebratory message to the former coach to their Twitter page.His current QB spoke very highly of his current coach according to ESPN “We wanted to get him that trophy because he deserved it. The work he puts in day in and day out..I don’t think he sleeps. I try to beat him and I never can. He is someone that works harder than anyone I have ever known, and he deserves {this}. I’m glad I could get that trophy for him.”

Patrick Mahomes was named the Super bowl’s MVP and only the third QB to win a Super Bowl. What a way to kick off Black History Month!

The halftime show was probably more talked about than the game. Latinas came to TAKEOVER. And the timing was PERFECT! With Donald Trump in office and deporting a lot of families who are of latin descent, it was a beautiful site to see Shakira and Jennifer Lopez represent their countries. Miami is known for its Latin base including Little Havana and Miami Beach. Shakira performed some of her biggest hits including fan favorite Hips Don’t Lie. Also, throughout her performance she spoke in Spanish which many of her songs are in. J Lo gave a very nostalgic performance and even went back to Jenny on the block days. There was a lot of hip and booty shaking but they put on one of the best shows the Super bowl in the last decade.

Many felt the performance was too vulgar for the halftime experience. Parents felt there should've been an parental advisory warning before the two performed. They also felt that Lopez having a pole during her show was inappropriate (she didn’t give a strip tease at all.) Some were PISSED that Shakira performed in Spanish. Peta even released a statement about Lopez wearing a feathered flag that one side had the American flag and the other was the Puerto Rican flag that was feather based. Let’s dive in to a few of the tweets “Understand English, I have no idea what they said in Mexican. Terrible halftime show. At least the game is good.” “But what about the families watching? Are we supposed to make our kids leave the room? Such talent but not family friendly.” “Well pole dancing is not something I’d consider family viewing. Nor is twerking.” “My kid asked why we were watching strippers twerk.” “Nothing against soft porn. But Superbowl halftime is neither the time nor the place.”

But there were many fans of the show. Many gave Shakira very high praises for her performance. Her dance break for hips don’t lie and the dancers were ON POINT!

One of the funnier moments of the night was none other than, Donald Trump. He got those Twitter fingers going and made a fool out himself. Now, there are two Kansas Cities in the United States.But of course, one would think that the President would know that the Kansas City Chiefs play in Missouri. He tweeted “Congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs on a great game, and a fantastic comeback, under immense pressure. You represented the Great State of Kansas and, in fact, the entire USA, so very well. Our Country is PROUD OF YOU.”

Congrats to the Chiefs and very well deserved.

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