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Gospel Quartet AVALON Releases New Album!

GRAMMY-nominated christian vocal quartet group, AVALON recently released their new album, Called, on Valentine’s Day. The album features ten uplifting, spiritual tracks filled with harmonies and powerful messages to get you through the day. The musical veteran group, AVALON, has been creating music since the 90s, with a frequent changing of members, but the passion has never changed. Called is AVALON’s first album release after the group took a decade long hiatus. It is also AVALON’s 10th studio album, not including their 2000 Christmas album. With a wait of ten years for a new album, the anticipation for a new AVALON project has been high since they announced the album’s release in 2019.

Called includes upbeat songs like “Keeper of the Heart”, “Closer”, “Can’t Stop My Hallelujah” and more! The beauty about the album is that although uplifting and spiritual, you can listen to it at any time and anywhere. When most think of a christian/gospel album, they expect a constant slow, melancholy vibe. AVALON created the opposite, exploring a more contemporary indie sound. Called showcases a more versatile sound, showing the group’s improvement since 09. Overall, I think anyone who is looking for a new motivational album to help lift their spirits, should listen to this album. Called is available on all major streaming platforms, so be sure to go stream it!

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