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The Weeknd Releases An Album

The Canadian artist Abel Tesfaye, also known as The Weeknd released his first full length album since 2018 called After Hours last week on Friday, March 20th at midnight. Why did he release his project in the midst of the Pandemic? The world may never know but nevertheless The Weeknd's sad boy, drug induced, simi toxic vibes are always a bop. This highly anticipated 56 minute, 14 song breakup medley, has also been allegedly inspired by his ex, renowed supermodel Bella Hadid. Since the beginning of their on again off again relationship in 2015 the “Starboy” singer has been channeling his heartbreak into creative lyrical expression providing us with some of the best toxic love songs of the decade.

After Hours tells the story of heartbreak and is full of The Weeknds’ infamous toxic lines about sex and drug use more specifically pills; Which explains the more trippy aspect to the visuals and mini series for the album. Before the official release date two singles were released for the public, “Heartless” and “Blinding Lights”. The single “Blinding lights” was first Debuted on Saturday Night Live, dressed in his signature red blazer with a bloody and bandaged nose. The trippy visuals for this project is by far some of the best and some of the most creative we have seen from Abel. Set in Las Vegas, the mini series tells the story of a crazy drug induced night starting with the first music video for the album Heartless. The video starts off with the bright flashy lights followed by gambling and drinking until it takes a weird twist after Abel licks a frog causing very intense hallucinations. “Blinding Lights” opens right where “Heartless” left off with

The Weeknd bent over laughing with a busted up face and blood dripping from his mouth. This is a reference from 2015 in Vegas after reportedly punching a cop in the face. The short film for “After Hours” is actually not a music video at all. It begins with the ending of The Weeknd performing live on the Jimmy Kimmel show. He is seen with the same busted up face from the end of “Blinding Light” walking to the subway. When he arrives at the train he screams then puts on his sunglasses which triggers what looks to be a trippy panic attack where he is dragged throughout the subway by some unseen instantly.

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