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Clark Sisters Interview

Following my interview With Christina Bell, I had the amazing opportunity to interview two of the Clark sisters, Jacky and Karen, via zoom alongside my editor Deszane'. During the interview, we had the opportunity to discuss the new music they currently have out and, of course, all the juicy details of their new biography about their lives; The Clark Sisters: First Ladies of Gospel that premiered last night on Lifetime. The interview initially started with Jacky, the eldest of the Clark sisters. One of the first things that we discussed during the interview was, why it took 14 years for the film to come out. Jacky shared that the reason was that there were a lot of technical things about the film that had to be worked out, and also to allow her daughter, Kierra Sheard, time to grow up so she would be able to play the part of her mother Karen. She also shared with us that they didn't have any say when it came to the people who were hired to play them in the movie, but as we all can agree, actress Angela Birchett excellently embodied the role of Jacky and beautifully brought her character to life. Karen joined us later on in the conversation, and I had the opportunity to personally ask her how it was to have her daughter Kiki play in the movie. She said that she was very honoured because one thing that Kiki said was; “She had a whole other level of appreciation for the sacrifice that was made by her mother, aunts and grandmother to provide them with the life that they have.” Kierra played the role of her mother beautifully, one of my favorite scenes from Kiki was the scene after the funeral where she got a little bit feisty. One of the most important lessons to be learned from watching the movie, "The Clark Sisters", is in how their mother constantly attempted to speak and direct life into her children. Mattie Moss Clark saw potential and greatness in her girls from an early age and did everything in her power to nourish and harness those gifts.

The Sisters shared with us, that it is important to breathe life into not only your children, but into everything that you do. When you stay within the will of God and the calling that He has upon your life, it is as though your footsteps are divinely guided and you have no choice but to be blessed and highly favored and all that you do. Alongside the new movie, The Clark Sisters just released their new album titled The Return after a 10yr hiatus from creating any new music. Karen and Jacky explained to us that the movie and the album go hand-in-hand. A lot of the songs on the album make more sense once you watch the movie. With the Clark sisters being one of the most influential groups and Gospel artists, they have touched so many lives including the life of rapper Snoop Dogg. He even asked the Clark sisters to collaborate with him on his new gospel album Snoop Dogg Presents “Bible of Love” released in early 2018. Their music has touched many lives and generations throughout the years, and have personally been a very big part of my life growing up in the church. I can definitely say that, after viewing the movie and having the honor of interviewing these lovely ladies, I have a whole new level of respect and appreciation for the legendary Clark sisters of gospel.

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