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Brandy Premieres Official Video for “Baby Mama” ft Chance the Rapper!

Legendary R&B singer, Brandy, recently premiered the official video for her newest single, “Baby Mama” featuring Chance the Rapper. The “Full Moon” singer released the single prior to Mother’s Day as an ode to her daughter, Sy’rai and to pay homage to all of the mothers around the world. She sings “It takes a village to raise em’, we don’t do it all by ourselves...This song ain’t just for me, it’s for every mama yeah...Every day I breathe it’s for my little mama...I’m every woman and a baby mama.” To match the beauty of the lyrics, the video was just as aesthetically pleasing.

The music video was directed by Derek Blanks with creative director Frank Gatson. The video showcases a glowing Brandy singing in perfect harmony, along with a creative choreography that includes instruments. Sporting a beautiful protective style and various colorful outfits, the video and the song are the perfect pair for a new mama anthem. When describing her new single, Brandy stated, “My new single is about embracing the strength and fortitude needed not only in motherhood but in life. I am thrilled that Chance joined me on this track, and I hope my fans find it as uplifting as I intended it to be!” “Baby Mama” by Brandy is available for streaming on all musical platforms and you can check out the official video for this down below.


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