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How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe

Creating a capsule wardrobe may seem hard to some if you do not know its true meaning. A capsule wardrobe is solely about looking over your wardrobe and keeping (or adding) essential pieces that best fits your style and personality. This is what a lot of designers do, they make capsule collections that portrays and explains the fashion label and the type of women they make clothes for. Capsule wardrobe is important to have in so many ways. You are defining yourself as a person. It may seem hard at first trying to wine down the items you want to keep in your closet that fits your personality. But it can all be so easy with following these tips to creating your very own capsule wardrobe.

1. The first tip is to learn to say no to things in your closet. Trust me, it’s okay to get rid of an old dress from your 5th grade graduation, you do not need it anymore. Hoarding items in your closet is going to make it seem like you don’t have any good pieces that will speak to your personality and style.

2. Don’t deviate from YOUR own personal style. It’s okay to change it up a little, but you don’t have to be heavily influenced by others style. Stay true to your style while making your capsule wardrobe.

3. Make sure you have a white and black button up shirt in your closet. This is important for professional reasons. You never know when you’ll get that job interview and might have to pop on something sleek and chic real quick. (Asos, $29)

White and Black Business Attire

4. Another piece you should make sure you have in your capsule wardrobe is a jean jacket. Jean jackets falls into almost every style category. It’s important to have this piece because you can style it in so many ways. For example, a go to way to style the jean jacket is by layering a vibrant and edgy hoodie underneath the jean jacket for the perfect street style look. You can get jean jackets at about every thrift store for the low. (Asos, $51).

5. Another staple that should be in your capsule wardrobe is a pair of black sneakers or black pumps. Black is the one pair of footwear that should be in your wardrobe because it goes with any and everything. (Vans, $60; Aldo Shoes, $65)

6. A pair of mom jeans in your capsule wardrobe is perfect. Mom jeans come in handy when you are trying to dress down and be casual with your outfit. They are stylish and most times are comfortable. (Shein, $22).

7. A blazer should always be added to your capsule wardrobe. Blazers can be used in so many ways and settings. You can use blazers in professional and casual settings. They are stylish and super chic. (Forever 21, $35).

8. Another piece that is perfect to have in your capsule wardrobe is a basic color bodysuit. With these kinds of bodysuits, you are able to layer them with many different pieces such as jeans, puffer coats, blazers, and much more. (Miss Guided, $11).

9. This may seem basic, but a pair of black and grey leggings are perfect for your closet/ wardrobe. They pair best with any type of outerwear piece or top. Leggings are great for any style choice. (Old Navy, $12; Old Navy, $16).

10. Lastly, a leather staple piece in your capsule wardrobe is crucial for your closet. Leather has always been a big trend but it’s becoming even bigger. This is especially important for the upcoming summer season for nights out on the town. (Pretty Little Thing, $35).

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