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The Pandemic That Stopped the World

Fever, sore throat, pneumonia, the list goes on. These are the characteristics of the pandemic that stopped the world. Covid-19, or Coronavirus if you would like, emerged originally in 2019 when reports came from the World Health Organization warning of a huge pandemic that would affect the entire world. A certain imbecile in the White House did not heed the warnings which is the sole reason why conditions in this country are the way that they are now. It started off with whispers about the virus. People talked about it in America thinking there is no way the pandemic would affect us, especially since the United States had not dealt with a pandemic as destructive as this one since the Spanish Flu in 1918, due fast actions of our previous presidents. The whispers started to become news headlines, it was all the anchors talked about. For the first time the world stood still; workers were told not to go to work, students were told to stay at home, business had to shut down and even worse, some had to close down. Unemployment rates, the amount of homeless Americans, and the overall tensions within the country skyrocketed. People were, and still are, struggling with paying their bills or feeding their children because they did not have the funds to support themselves.

.Update, people have stayed at home the last couple of months, it seems as if the social distancing method is working. I suppose it would have kept working if on Memorial Day people did not decide to go to the beach, but of course you threw another curveball at us. On May 25, 2020 Derek Chauvin, a white supremacist, murderer, and coincidentally a police officer, killed an African American man by the name of George Floyd in cold blood. Now as a race, African american do not only have to worry about a virus that is killing their family members and friends, but we also have to worry about Caucasian racist cops taking our family from us using police brutality. Protests are sparking up all over the world in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, and people are beginning to congregate in large crowds once again. The focus is now on the movement, but you have not gone anywhere. You are still silently consuming people and killing Americans by the thousands. One day, with hopes that we are under a new administration, you will diminish to nothing. The news will not conduct any more reports on the virus, and although the cases will dwindle next to nothing, the effect you brought to this country will remain a problematic factor for months and probably years to come. Americans will begin moving differently; workers will have a sense of hesitance to work for companies that let them down during such a difficult time, business owners will have to pull their business out of the gutters, and people in general will have to learn how to live again. Coronavirus changed America forever, and will go down in the history books as the pandemic that brought the world to a stop

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