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112 Delays New Single, “Spend It All”, Due to Protests PR

Notorious R&B group 112 has delayed their new single “Spend It All” in response to the protests ongoing worldwide, for the liberation of Black people. The single was originally set to release on June 5th, however, the outraging death of George Floyd on May 25th sparked a worldwide outrage at the continued oppression and discrimination against Black people. Shortly following Floyd's death; riots, looting, and protests quickly erupted in places like Minneapolis, MI, which was the place of his death.

Early last week, in a video message on Instagram, Slim and Mike announced that “due to the fact of all this stuff that's going on right now, we felt that it was better that we push everything back just a little bit so that we can focus on our families, so you can focus on your families…” etc. The caption of this video encourages all to stay safe and includes a reminder that the new single will come soon. The protests have turned more peaceful for now but they are still continuing strong throughout the nation and other countries. Remember to stay safe and positive through these trying times!

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