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Tips on How to Shop Smarter

Almost all people when they go into the mall or an individual store, just buy anything that is in front of them or around them. It’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing that, but it can be a little overwhelming and disorganized. When you shop randomly, you end up spending way more than you desire. This leads to not getting pieces that go with your style or that are not fashionable. Random shopping literally has you buy something just for the heck of it.

A superior and recommended way to shopping is using smarter shopping. Smarter shopping may seem scary and hard to most people, but trust, it is as simple as 1-2-3 when you follow these tips that are down below.

1.While shopping, you should never have a close mind.

- You should be able to go to the mall and not just stick to basic colors and the regular boring pants. When shopping you should think outside of the box and not be so close minded. It’s important that you try something new and different when going to the mall. It’s okay to stick to what you usually get, but it’s ALSO okay to implement new and different pieces into your shopping.

2. Do not shop for pieces just for a specific event.

- 70% of shoppers go to the mall because they need an outfit for a specific event that they are attending the next weekend or even the next day. I have recently found out that if every time you go to the mall and pick up different pieces that would be essential in your closet and that you might need in the future could be beneficial. This tactic could come in handy so that you don’t have to run all around the city trying to find a specific type of clothing.

3. Try to purchase at least ONE accessory item each shopping trip.

- You can never have too many accessories. Accessories play a big part in styling your outfit to perfection. It’s imperative that when you go to the mall on a mini shopping spree to always buy some accessories even if it’s one pair of earrings or even a mini bag. Doing this tip gives you more to pick from at home when picking out your outfit for the day.

4. Do not rush while shopping.

- While shopping you should always practice patience. When not practicing patience in the mall you may miss out on something super stylish and fashionable.

5. Make sure you try on your pieces before you buy.

- I do not know how many times I have bought something and go home, and it does not fit. It’s totally important to try on the pieces before you leave the store to make sure it hugs your body right and looks good on you.

6. Instead of just shopping at malls, you can try out thrift stores.

- Malls have great items, but also thrift and secondhand stores have amazing and unique items that are cheaper than the mall prices. They offer a vintage selection that you can modernize to your liking. Thrift stores are almost everywhere so it will not be hard to find.

7. Take advantage of the clearance section

- Do not be ashamed to be in the clearance section you will find the better deals and sometimes the better pieces. The clearance section is usually filled up with last season items or pieces that didn’t sell. Those last season items could go amazing with the newer season clothing. It’s all about putting your pieces together to make them fashionable.

8. Set a budget for yourself

- This is important to do even before you step in the store. If you do not do this step, you can find yourself spending more than what you even have in your bank account.

9. Pay with cash.

-When you pay with your credit card you are not really aware of how much you are spending. On the other end, when you pay with cash you see how much you are giving and how much money you have left. This step is crucial if you are trying to follow step 8

10. Find a great shopping partner or even alone.

-Finding a great shopping partner it crucial. You need to find someone that is going to be just as patient as you and someone that helps you out with finding new pieces. If you cannot find that person, then go alone. Trust me, shopping alone is so stress free and fun.

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