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Contemporary Gospel artist, Mali Music recently dropped his latest single, “Mo’Lo (Like You).” This is his second single of the year, following his January release, “Let Go.” Aside from that single, Mali has been featured in singles released by Jonathan McReynolds and We Are Messengers. This latest single, “Mo’Lo (Like You)” gives off a more contemporary, upbeat vibe.

Mali sings about being more like God in his latest single. The artist sings “I wanna be more low want be honest want be closer to God/ I want to be more low want be honest want be closer to God.” To no surprise, Mali continues to find a way to make loving God sound cool. Resonating with a more millennial/ Gen Z type of audience, Mali Music describes the struggles of loneliness and dealing with the various troubles of life, but in the end, he just wants to be low and more like God. If you want to hear this catchy, beautiful song, it’s available on all streaming platforms and you can check out the Live Version Mali Music recorded of “Mo’Lo” at VEVO down below! As always, stay tuned & stay safe y’all!

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