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The Tea: Colors that Add to the Illusion of Slimness

We all want to know the secret of how to achieve a slim body easily. Many people don't know that some colors you wear can make you look slim. One color that never fails is black it can make you look slim and elegant, darker colors have been shown to help hide flaws and create the illusion of slim. Other dark colors such as purple, blue, brown also work. Light colors such as khaki and white are known to add pounds and the illusion of a larger frame. When wearing darker colors it will not only make you look slim but it will give you an extra boost of confidence. But if you are into bright colors just REMEMBER that it will draw attention to whichever area it is worn on. Never pair light and dark colors together if you're short because it will visually cut your body in half, making you look short. Wear monochromatic colors from top to bottom to give you more height.

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