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How to be Fashionable on Your Lazy Days

COVID-19 has led a lot of the world to be isolated in the house and offered the opportunity to reflect on life before COVID came in the world. During this pandemic, we have been stuck in the house doing absolutely nothing. The quarantine has even put a damper on some of your fashionable and stylish side. Being locked up in the house, might have some of you not being able to dress up like you normally would.

Today, I have found 10 lazy looks that can be elevated while in the house chilling all day. These looks are to ensure that your stylish side to come out even in the house.

This outfit has been elevated by tucking in her shirt and having it draped out of the sweats. She then added this white jean jacket and this cute tan crossbody purse.

This outfit was elevated by adding this tan cashmere sweater and some gold jewelry to spice up the look a little more.

This lazy outfit was elevated to a street style look. She added an oversized t shirt with some Yeezy sneakers to complete the look. (Yeezy’s are the ultimate street style look).

This outfit was elevated due to the slouch of her sweats and sweater. She added chunky gold jewelry to her look and also some all-white Air Force 1s.

This all red outfit was elevated by simply adding some white strappy heels, a black handbag, and a pair of black shades.

This lazy outfit was elevated in another street style look. She added these Doc Martin boots and styled it with a cross body purse.

This lazy look was elevated by adding a jean jacket with fur and some puma sneakers.

This lazy outfit was elevated into an airport chic look. The person in the picture added a sleek black leather jacket. She then paired this jacket with some loafer shoes with fur on the back of them.

This lazy look was elevated by adding some trainer sneakers. She paired these sneakers with a nice trench coat. Trench coats can always elevate a look.

Lastly, this lazy look was elevated with some chunky sneakers. She then paired these sneakers with a crossbody fanny pack and some black shades.

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