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Makeup Myths Debunked: #Melanin Edition

Just call us the Adam and Jamie of Makeup Myths (If you’re too young to not know this reference please google and return to this article ) The World of Makeup can get very confusing for someone just starting in makeup especially for WOC. Getting the right products and tools is hard enough on top of knowing what looks good on you. Outside opinions and outdated claims can make things even more confusing for someone and make them shy away from makeup completely. Rest Assured we will be tackling the Top 10 myth about makeup to make anyone transition to wearing and buying makeup a little easier.

Makeup Myth #1: “Makeup doesn’t look good on Dark skins”

Nothing Grinds my Gears more of the lack of representation, diversity, and acknowledgement of WOC Consumers or Beauty Brands. Mainstream Beauty Brands and lackluster Beauty ads that only marketing to non WOC consumer made many to believe that WOC especially Dark Skin Women are too dark for makeup. This issue has become more of reoccurring topic for many Beauty Influencers and Celebrities. This Myths has been debunked by many Black Owned Beauty Brands/influencers stepping up and making makeup more exclusives throughout the years. Thanks to Beauty brands like BeautyBakerie , Juvia Place, and of course Fenty Beauty to renforcing that makeup for every skin tone.

Makeup Myth #2:” Foundation ruins your skin”

It is a common misconception that chemical and ingredients in makeup product can lead to harmful effect on the skin, but that is simply not true, In fact Makeup can be a protective layer from pollutions and some makeup products provides legitimate skin care. However, to ensure you an occasion pimple from things like makeup, sweat, dirt it is recommended to wipe/remove your makeup and clean your face every time you wear makeup.

Makeup Myth #3: “Wearing Makeup is Unprofessional”

It has been said that makeup could be scandalous and give off the wrong impression, but so has Black woman being told for years that their hair is unprofessional. Yes, there is a time and place for everything, but when it comes to makeup everyone has a preference and you should apply as little or as much as you want to you liking. Makeup can be done to look professional, appealing, and suitable for any occasion just like Black woman natural hair texture.

Makeup Myth #4: “You wear makeup because your insecure”

This is another commonly used line that are told to others to discourage others to wear makeup. People get the misconception that Makeup is a mask to cover up who we are to hide ourselves. This is so wrong Makeup is a way to accentuate what we love about ourselves the most and make us feel the most beautiful and confident. For me, I love to show off my full lips with liner and gloss I feel the most confident with a good gloss.

Makeup Myth # 5: Black lipstick is only for goths girls

This is just another outdated stereotype that confined people in a small box and make people afraid to try things. Wearing a Black Lip will make you feel bold courageous plus your teeth will look whiter there is latterly no wrongs with wearing black lipsticks. P.S even if someone is someone is goth, VSCO, E-girl , or whatever respect their space and style they’re killing it.

Makeup Myth #6: Expensive brands work better

This is untrue Professional Makeup Artists, Beauty Influencers, and anyone who owns a decent amount of makeup will tell you that the price for product does not determined how well the product will preform. Especially if you are starting off in makeup, I will highly suggest starting out with drugstore makeup they have some of the holy grail makeup items. Brands like NYX, L.A Colors, and BH cosmetics are great inexpensive brands that perform well.

Makeup Myth #7: Makeup Never goes bad

This is in fact a very dangerous myth to go by, because makeup does expire, and you should always check your products you had for awhile. According to liquid foundation generally lasts for 12 months, while mascara and eyeliner only stretch for only three, and lip products will generally go for around two years but can begin deteriorating earlier if used frequently. So, believe in dates rather than myths.

Makeup Myth #8: Red Lipstick is not for Everyone

Another false statement. There are so many variations of red that compliments every under tone and skin tone I can write a whole article explaining (which I did. check it out) The bottom line(r) is hat a bold red lip especially on dark woman is beautiful combination. If you can’t take my word for it Lupita Nyong'o , Viola Davis, and Gabrielle Union have busted this myth on numerous of occasion.

Makeup Myth #9 There is no harm sleeping in your makeup

There is in fact a lot of harm that goes in sleeping in your makeup. Studies shows that sleeping in your makeup can trap dirt, pollution, and other bacteria in skin that ages you skin, decrease collagen, and over makes you look and feel gross. So, do yourself a favor take those 5 extra minutes to wipe off that makeup sweetie.

Makeup Myth #10 Pick your Foundation Shade based on your Wrist or one shade lighter than you shade

This wrong on so many levels. As if picking the right shade in the limited amount of “deep shades’’ there are do not use any extended parts of the body parts to find you shade like your hand or arm. Try using your chest or jawline to match your shade the best. If all else fail trying mixing shades together to find that perfect shade its easier than buying tons of foundation to find that one perfect shade.

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