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Jagged Edge New Album

The Grammy nominated R&B group Jagged Edge released their tenth studio album, A Jagged Love Story on July 31. This album is dedicated to the group’s love of music and their way of showing appreciation to their fans.

Jagged Edge is a musical group of two sets of identical twin boys; Brandon and Brian Casey, and Kyle Norman and Richard Wingo. The group has been performing together for more than two decades releasing hits like “Let’s Get Married,” and “Where the Party At” featuring Nelly.

Brandon reflected on the album by saying, “A Jagged Story is about our love for music, what we do and the fans that allow us to do it. Thank you for allowing us to intersect.”

A Jagged Love Story album is composed of over 30 songs written by the four men. However, assistance with producing the album was from Jermaine Dupri, Brandon Michael Cox, Carl Breeding, Jay Fooley and Demetrius Bell.

Jagged Edge’s new album is available on all musical platforms. Be sure to check out their new music.

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