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Ten Helpful Beauty Tips

Here are the top 10 most helpful tips in beauty, these tips can help you improve your face, hair, and skin. Whether you're a newbie or you’ve been into all things hair and beauty for years. These beauty hacks listed below will help you learn something new. The tips are simple: you won’t have to change your entire routine to reap the benefits of these easy nails, hair and makeup tips.

1. Apply Vaseline for a smudge-free Manicure:

This will help to keep your home manicure on your nails and not on the skin around the nails. You can apply a little amount of Vaseline around the boundary area where the nails and skin begins and allow the manicure to dry first then wash your hands. If there is any polish on the Vaseline it will wash off immediately and easily.

2. Tap Perfume on your wrist Don’t rub:

This tip will allow perfume to last longer, do not rub your wrist together to apply perfume because it will wear off faster. Simply press together instead and the smell will last longer.

3. Stamping your lashes for a fuller look:

This is an easy and quick way to add depth to your eyes without even applying eyeliner. This is called Mascara Stamping. gently press the mascara against the underside of your eyelash to give your eyelashes a fuller look and darker look. A bit like eyeliner but more natural.

4. Easy on the concealer it creates a natural look:

Loading concealers onto your face won’t hide dark circles or ETC. in fact using cover ups look unnatural and can make you look older. Instead, you can use a thin layer of concealer that will even out your skin tone without covering your complexion completely.

5. Set lipstick with powder through tissue:

Are you tired of your lipstick fading, smudging or smearing throughout the day?

Set your lipstick with translucent powder but don’t apply directly to your lips, instead use tissue paper and blot through it just the right amount of powder is needed. And the rest to be applied after is lipstick that will help your color stay long and look gorgeous.

6. Always Pick a blush that flatters your skin tone:

Blush can make your skin look radiant, but when using the wrong color it can clash with your complexion; make sure to check out a guide when finding skin tone and picking the best shade so you can get glowing.

7. Fix a broken nail with a tea bag:

It's as simple as it sounds, it has all happened to us when it comes to breaking a nail. Your nails are healthy grown and looking good and all of a sudden your nail breaks. Don’t reach for scissors or clippers right away. A tea bag and a little glue is the perfect fix . wait a few minutes after and you'll have some nail art.

8. Soften your cuticles:

Getting cuticles cut is very painful and potentially puts you at risk for infections. If you want your cuticles nicer looking. Then simply apply a little amount of cuticle oil to them everyday and massage it in. you'll have nice clean cuticles in no time.

9. Using multiple face masks can maximize your result:

Customizing your skin care routine can help you get the best results for your complexion. This is called “MultiMasking” when multiple facial masks are used or layered simultaneously on the skin to fix different skin concerns at one time. If your skin is oily use hydrating masks on both sides of your face.

10. Choosing blush based on your needs:

Powder formulas work great if you need to help to understand blush and get perfect results. If you have larger pores blush formulas will work great and last longer.

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