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How to Spot Real and Fake Pictures

Social media can be a wonderful place and inspirational place. It's beautiful and artistic images of things we want to see. But how do we know if it's real or fake? Well we’ve got you covered, showing you the difference in photos and where to spot if it’s fake. When taking a picture there's a lot of time spent perfecting the image but sometimes it can be fabricated just a little or a lot. But these 10 ways will show you just what we are talking about.

1. We know people love to idealize versions of themselves on social media, by making shocking photos that are shocking to the eyes because it's a fail. Sometimes people will make a mistake and upload the right picture and then upload the photoshopped one. If you pay close attention you can spot the difference quickly. Her waist is incredibly small in one picture and the other picture she forgot to edit.

2. Look over the picture. It's important so that you can keep an eye out for any red flags you might come across. This is called photo manipulation making your eyes believe that something is there. To master it you must understand reflections, perspectives and shadows. And know how to fix the right tools to cover up tracks.

3. Identify the source of the image. When looking at an image you think is fake, simply ask yourself where does this image come from? And if social media and new outlets have shared this image? Sometimes the news broadcasts these images possibly showing fake images.

4. Sniff out the obvious , some things are too good to be true because it fits perfectly in the narrative, this is how you can determine if it's realistic.

5.Google has come up with a solution to help your question. It's called the google reverse image search, you are able to enter an image and the results will come back and it will tell you if it's real or fake, not only that where has the photoshop been done.

6. Research tools that can help you find the truth, there are many apps designed to find many problems, try to also see if you can find the pictures somewhere else the real one to see the comparison. Some sites that can help are, photo forensics those can really help for finding these sort of things.

7. Photoshop is easy, but everyone else not so much. One and three people are fooled by photos, while everyone else will convince themselves that it's fake. Fake photos are for entertainment purposes, but sometimes need to be kept away from false information.

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