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Rapper Travis Scott Partners Collabs With McDonalds

September 8th “The Travis Scott” meal appeared on the menu of McDonalds and has managed to garnish the attention of the public’s eye. With only being publicized for a couple of hours it became the 1# trending topic on twitter and stayed that way the entire day.

The partnership between Travis Scott and McDonalds (Golden Arches x Cactus Jack collab) has been ongoing for approximately a month. The public became aware of the collaboration by a short McDonalds commercial that featured Travis Scott’s voice and his action figure.

The meal features a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Travis-Style followed by french fries and a drink for only $6.

Along with the meal there is also other merchandise that is being sold through this collaboration like t-shirts, shorts, bags and other items. The merchandise is on the pricey side with a t-shirt costing at least $48. Most of the items are sold out but there are still a few up for grabs.

This is truly a fast food luxury affair. Stay tuned for more that the Golden Arches x Cactus Jack collab brings to McDonalds. Check out the merchandise below on the website and also the commercial.

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