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Amplifying Their Voices

Accountability, not justice! America was on the edge of their seats as the jury came back with a verdict after deliberating for a little over 10 hours. Kids went back to virtual learning, storefronts were boarded up, and the National Guard was deployed after closing arguments were made on April 19.

After the guilty verdict on ALL three charges came in, people began to rejoice! Flooding the streets screaming George Floyd’s name but also realizing that the work is just beginning. Many thought this day wouldn’t come. There have been so many cases that have seen an alternate outcome.

Celebrities including athletes expressed their thoughts on the guilty verdict. Karl Anthony-Towns tweeted, “Justice and Accountability! Things I never thought I would see. There’s much more work to do, but this is an amazing start working toward the reform in this country.” Tennis sensation Naomi Osaka weighed in, I was going to make a celebratory tweet but then I was hit with sadness because we are celebrating something that is clear as day. The fact that so many injustices occurred to make us hold our breath toward this outcome is telling.” NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace said, “Justice served on all counts. Good. Still a ton of work to do. Continue to rest peacefully #GeorgeFloyd

Despite the negative kickback from many conservative news anchors, athletes have used their voices to speak out against the injustices happening towards Black people. Athletes refused to play after the shooting of Jacob Blake just months after George Floyd was killed. It was the first time in sports history were players across the board decided enough was enough and decided no sporting events would take place in the name of justice. International players have even weighed in as well.

But the rejoicing didn’t last long, unfortunately. In the midst of hearing the verdict, police shot and killed a 16-year-old Black girl in Columbus, Ohio. Ma’khia Bryant called the police in fear of her life after teenage girls came to her house to jump her. When police arrived, the girls were in the middle of fighting when Bryant pulled out a knife to defend herself and the cop shot her four times.

Again, the work isn’t done!


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