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Anthony Faulkner's "Closer" Featuring Àngela Winbush Crosses International Borders

Urban inspirational artist Anthony Faulkner is a jack of all trades from writing to producing to directing and acting, he has truly dabbled in it all. Faulkner is a philanthropist native to Houston, Texas with big goals of giving back to the world. Faulkner went from studying voice and musical theater at the Alexander Hamilton Academy of Music in Los Angeles, CA to touring and traveling all around the world, in hopes of positively impacting numerous countries and cities.

He has graced four continents with his presence and while in East Africa he collaborated with many artists including Kambua, Cooper Ssali, G-Way, and Juliani. Faulkner has also collaborated with many businesses like MTV, Radio Disney, American Dream, and more. Not to mention, he’s the first American to be on the stage of East Africa’s 2012 Groove Awards. Today, Faulkner has reached a countless number of countries and cities all over the globe, and with his beliefs that the youth of today will change the future for tomorrow, he continues to give back to the world through his music and ministry.

Anthony Faulkner’s “Faith Tour” earned him four Top 10 singles. Those singles are “Faith Remix”, “One Voice”, “Connection”, and “Closer.” These amazing singles are currently on fire throughout East Africa, constantly played on major radio stations and television networks. His single “Closer” in collaboration with R&B superstar Àngela Winbush is airing in the U.S. and has even touched foreign terrain. This harmonious gospel song depicts a relationship from the male point of view (sung by Anthony Faulkner) and the female point of view (sung by Àngela Winbush). The song contains some impactful lyrics like “I called you, you answered… Now I’m waiting for your answer when I asked you, forgive me for lying, for doubting…” sung by Anthony Faulkner and Àngela Winbush replies with “I’m sorry, it's taken, so long for me, to come back to you, I was searching, I was looking…” This is the typical love story where one person makes a mistake and the other has to take some time to reflect and eventually overcome the mistake made. The song uses subdued belting notes in the background, charming ad-libs, and powerful riffs throughout. The song is raw and real, you can blatantly hear the emotion pouring out of their voices.

Anthony Faulkner is an extremely honest and down to earth artist. He strives to combine his personal life experiences with his current world concerns in his writings to promote change in the nations. As he continues to shine and pave the way for future generations make sure to check him out and listen to his latest album Guardian Angel on all musical platforms.


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