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Artist on the rise - Nayim Edwards

Every woman deserves a safe space where they can be free to explore their creative sides and be themselves unapologetically without limitations.” Nayim Edwards explained when we sat down with her to discuss music, motivation, empowerment, and so much more.

Nayim Edwards is a female millennial paving a new path for artists to use their talents to create, inspire, and empower. She began writing music professionally in 2017; however, she described her early life as being surrounded by music. Her parents introduced her to all music genres and styles, her 6th-grade teacher exposed her to Johnny Ca$h, and from that point on her passion for music was ignited. She enjoyed the benefits of music, from how it made her feel to how it helped her stay focused and work diligently in the classroom. Although, those positive effects were just the beginning. She had other passions as well, one, in particular, was for helping others and inspiring them to be their true authentic selves.

Nayim Edwards took time to study music, hone her craft, and expand her talents. She went from writing and performing her own music to producing and writing music for other artists as well. During that time, she started melding her passions together and using her music to inspire and empower. She continues to put out new and fresh content for herself, and she aids other artists in doing the same. Constantly creating and pouring into new projects can be tiresome; yet, Nayim Edwards keeps fresh faced and bushy tailed by taking breaks, limiting her negative consumption to five things per day, occasionally stepping outside of music/her comfort zone, and taking on fun hobbies like reading books!

Nayim Edwards is always trying to use her talents to showcase positivity and originality, and one of her main focuses is sending uplifting and empowering messages to those in need. “The only person that does it better than me is me tomorrow,” is just one of several posts she’s made to help brighten people’s days/moods. Nayim Edwards’ ability to inspire and empower people through her music even caught the attention of Activia back in the unforeseen and grim times of 2020.

Activia chose Nayim Edwards to be the voice of “A to Z. Your Gut is Where it All Begins.” During her project with Activia, she was tasked with creating a rap for the commercial, and she took the task and soared. She tapped into her creativity and produced a rap that goes through the whole alphabet (A to Z), and provides the audience with an amusing and invigorating outlook on the importance of gut health, especially in women. Nayim Edwards begins with “Active and Bold” and ends with “Yummy… Zing.” Check out the campaign HERE @Activiaus.

However, Nayim Edwards didn’t stop there. She continues to influence people and inspire them to be themselves through her music. Her positive spirit and evolutionary ideas to reshape the music industry have been noticed by many, and even earned her a spot on the acclaimed role-playing video game “Vampire: The Masquerade” soundtrack. Nayim Edwards has big plans for the future, and we know this is only the start of her career.

The rising star is sure to be making hits with her empowering music and innovative rhymes that catch everyone’s attention, and inspire/empower the masses. Make sure to check out Nayim Edwards' Instagram page (HERE) and YouTube (HERE) for more content from her.


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