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best and worst looks of the 2022 bet awards red carpet

The BET Awards 2022 Red Carpet looks did not disappoint! There were many celebrities last night that showed up and showed out. Let’s take a look at the best (and the worst) looks of the night. We are only focusing on the best and the worst, if they did not make it into either category that means their look was not the most memorable but it wasn’t the worst either.


Let’s kick the best category with the best dressed of the evening which goes to Victoria Monet. She was draped in rose gold sequins from head to toe, this gown was the perfect balance of skin to fabric ratio. There was a little bit of cleavage to keep them guessing and the adornment of the roses was surprisingly not corny. Anyone with eyes could tell that she knew she looked good, and felt good too. Magda Butrym, the designer of the gown, did an amazing job!

Lizzo’s look gave drama from head to toe. Her look was debatably a good look. Many were not a fan of the mullet finger wave look which was not my favorite part of the whole ensemble, but no one could argue that her Gucci gown did what needed to be done. The luxurious shine of the fabric and the way it draped was absolutely gorgeous, and the feathers around the hems were the perfect add-on touch.

I felt transported to the Wild West with this fringed dress worn by Crystal Renee Hayslett. This mini Tiffany Blue fringe dress was belted at the waist with a simple silver chain, and the v-neck showed a little bit of cleavage. Alexandre Vauthier (designer) and Derron under the brand name Beeōmbi (stylist) had a strong understanding of proportions and color theory. The blue made her skin glisten, and the length of the fringe made up for the short length of the dress.

Novi Brown gave us beach goddess and I was here for it. I love how the shells carried their way through the entire outfit from the necklace and earrings to the gown. I am a huge fan of how the one shoulder came to a point and doesn’t hold the normal silhouette of a one shoulder piece. The details were what set this outfit apart from every other look. LaFalaise Dionn understood the assignment, and also tailored a gown that looked like it fit the aesthetic of Novi.

Janelle Monae… What can I say? I actually loved the S&M vibe to this look. It was really sexy and dark. I could’ve done without the big bulky flower in the front but everything else I felt was perfect. This dress (or lack thereof) was designed by Roberto Cavalli. This dress also had a symbolic response to the overturning of Roe v Wade, which makes the look all the more powerful.

Janeisha John definitely had an amazing look last night. The gown, how the outfit was styled, even her hair read high class. I adored the criss cross sparkly silver design of the dress and the high cut slit.

Jacob Latimore dazzled us with his sequin on sequin suit designed by Dolce & Gabbana. It was risky but I think this suit worked in his favor. I like how the collar had a different color than the rest of the suit and the pants. The sequin detailing at the bottom of his Christian Louboutin shoes added a pleasant touch too. Most of all he had a clean cut which added to his masculinity despite the sequins he rocked last night.

A look not highlighted enough in my opinion was Ari Lennox. She wore a gothic lace number one shoulder and one sleeve gown with a high cut slit. There were so many components but it all seemed to work in her favor. If you look closely you can see velvet, lace, and fur all in one dress. I think the added hint of girliness with the peek-a-boo of pink lace was a perfect touch.

Winning the last spot in the best dressed category was Eva Marcille. Her dress was elegantly draped in pearls yet showed some skin which gave her an innocent yet sexy appeal. This dress was designed just for her to accentuate her curves and to hide nothing because her bawdy was flawless. The only thing that could’ve made this dress even better, was if it was floor length. It would have set the whole look off and she would’ve been in my number one spot.


Kicking off the worst dressed category was Big Freedia. This Cirque Du Soleil, avante garde look did absolutely nothing for him. It was just too much, and honestly crossed the fine line into tacky. The frills, sequins, and slew of colors was just overwhelming. It is okay to mix colors and textures but this just was not executed correctly.

Now I love me some Billy Porter, but why?? I try to be open minded about a lot of styles and looks but my head would be split open if I was open minded enough to understand this combination. I didn’t understand the color, the camel hump on the shoulders, or the silhouettes of the garments. He should’ve borrowed some color and excitement from Big Freedia. I like individuality, creativity, and when people strive to be different from the rest. But perhaps this is too different.

Coming in next in the worst dressed category was Muni Long. There was nothing fashionable about this dress. It looked as if tulle threw up on her from head to toe. The dress swallowed her body whole, so instead of her wearing the dress, it was wearing her.

Saucy Santana, those boots, no ma’am. This could’ve easily been in my top fave looks for the night had it not been for those boots. The dress was giving what it needed to give, and even gave the illusion of the tiny waist and wider hips (which we all know Saucy delivers with or without the dress, the body is snatched baby.) But then you get to the shoes and it looked as if he had been hiking through a swamp and picked up moss and other unmentionables from the murky waters. This was another case of trying to be different, turning out to be too different.

If there was a show for Botched garments, Cynthia Erivo’s two piece would be on the list. The silhouette of the top was just weird paired with the skirt. The cowl neckline, leather belt, and gold shoes were X’s all across the board for me.

Doechii’s gold gown swallowed her body and made her look stocky. It was very unflattering on her body and honestly turned me all the way off as far as fashion goes. Besides her looking super buff from the gathering of the fabric in certain places, it also looks like she had a tentacle sticking out at the bottom of the dress. This dress had potential but the way it was constructed ruined any potential it had.

Serayah’s dress looked as if the designer ran out of fabric. It felt so incomplete to me. The style was not ugly at all, and the frills didn't bother me. The dress just needed some length. If the dress was floor-length with a super high slit coming up her thigh, the look would’ve been better; not enough to put her in best dressed, but enough to take her out of my worst dressed radar.

Mignon’s look felt very lazy. The color of the suit was gorgeous, the feathers were a nice idea, the placement and quality of feathers was terrible. The feathers looked as if they were bought from the rolls you find them on in fabric stores, wrapped a few times around her waist and then left to hang. The designer should have lined the cuffs, hem of the pants, and the collar leading to the lapel and down to the hem of the blazer with the fur. That would have taken her off of the worst dressed list.


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